Florence, Italy
Pictures from my favourite Italian city, Florence
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Tyresö castle surroundings, fall, winter and spring
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Venice, Italy
Water, water and more water

Florence, Italy

Pictures from my absolute favourite city in the world, Florence, Italy – The birthplace of the renaissance where the present is artfully blended with the past. History around every corner. Cathedrals and other ancient monuments popping up throughout the city to remind you of the pervasive influence the bygone days have on modern times. Florence was the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, a period of cultural revival that affected everything from science and sculpture to philosophy and exploration. Let my pictures show you some of the citys highlights.

Tyresö, Sweden

Tyresö Palace is a 17th-century palace in Tyresö, Stockholm County, Sweden, about 25 km south-east of central Stockholm. The construction of the palace began in the 1620s and completed in 1636 by the Lord High Steward Gabriel Oxenstierna. The Palace, witch is considered the first Swedisn eglish garden garden is inspired by the Italian renaissance.

Venice, Italy

Water, water and more water . . . .